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Bring Fairtrade to your school
Children and the youth are the decision-makers of tomorrow. This is why it is fundamental to deal the issues of Fairtrade at schools.

By talking about the Fairtrade issues the problems of the world trade can be illustrated. Fairtrade can be included into educational plans of schools or example as a part of curriculum of history, geography, philosophy, religion or non-confessional education of religions. When working with groups of different ages it is important to note the level of understanding of the group and use appropriate plays, pictures and videos.

Action possibilities at schools:

Contact a teacher who you know or a principal of a local school and offer to volunteer to keep a class about Fairtrade for students
Offer to hold a ”morning speech” on Fairtrade at school
Offer Fairtrade as one theme to the themedays of school
Challenge student council, teachers and canteen to get Fairtrade products available

Education pack for teachers, published by Fairtrade Foundation (UK)

People and Planet UKs 5 goals for Fairtrade schools

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