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Educate yourself
Get to know Fairtrade principles even better through good literature and movies . Why not start a study circle with your friends and brush up your arguments for Fairtrade? Here are some ideas, send us your own tip at

Find out more about Fairtrade and campaigning
Fair Trade Resource Network offers a wide range of educational material and tips for organizing campaigns
Movies & short films – Black Gold, documentary about Ethiopian coffee growers’ struggles – One cup, an Australian short movie about coffee production in Asia
Producer stories from Fairtrade Foundation, UK
CNN news clip about Fairtrade coffee
An 8-minute video on Fairtrade certifying by TransFair USA
Traidcraft in Bangladesh – a 9-minute video by Mark Bates
Podcasts – Director of Transfair Canada speaks about his career with Fairtrade

“50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade” Miles Litvinoff & John Madeley
“Brewing Justice” Daniel Jaffee
“The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade” David Ransom. New Internationalist/Between the Lines, 2001.
“Coffee With Pleasure: Just Java and World Trade” Laure Waridel. Institute of Policy Alternatives of Montreal, Black Rose Books. 2002.
“Fair Trade: A Beginners Guide” Jacqueline De Carlo
Fair trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization (Laura Raynolds)
Childrens fair trade story book: Zapizapu Crosses the Sea – a story about being fair (By Diane Abad Vergara)
For further reading tips, check out the recommendations for reading from Fair Trade Resource Network.
Teaching resources about Fairtrade and world trade issues:

Fairtrade school materials from Fairtrade Foundation, UK
10 teaching resources about trade , listed by Global Dimension, UK
Education pack for teachers, published by Fairtrade Foundation (UK)
Milking it , a teaching resource about small farmers and international trade for the age group 13-16
Make Trade Fair a world-wide campaing of Oxfam International offers a wide range of backround research on world trade issues

Newsletter of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, FLO,
Newsletter of Fair trade Advocacy Office,
Listservs of United Students for Fair Trade, USA