How to Choose the Perfect Toilet for Your Bathroom

While a humble toilet may not be the first thing that strikes the minds of most people, it matters a lot to anyone looking for a functional and stylish bathroom. We often take to perform a thankless job, but a good toilet can either make or break your bathroom experience. According to, doing a bit of research before buying one is a pretty good job that any homeowner or builder should consider to avoid future regrets. Below are the five tips on how to choose the perfect toilet.

Toilet Design

bathroomA one-piece toilet is a bit pricier compared to their two-piece counterparts. They are also equipped with high-end features although quality varies from one model to another. They have updated looks, and their styling is flawless. These toilets can fit perfectly into any decor, and their installation is pretty simple. A one-piece toilet has no place for germs, dirt, and soil to hide.

Two-piece, on the other hand, is composed of two separate parts, i.e., seat base and a tank that is made to fit perfectly together. Some come with seaming. The main advantage of two-piece toilets is that they are highly portable. It is an excellent option for DIYers who want to transport their toilets upstairs. Your budget determines whether you’re going to buy a one or two-piece toilet.

Choose the right Seat Height

Most toilets have a standard height of 17 inches. Most buyers are accustomed to this height. For those who want a more comfortable height, adding 2-3 inches more inches can be an ideal move. However, for those buying children toilets, they may consider lower height.

Lower toilets are good for health reasons. A comfortable height is especially suitable for the elderly and tall individuals who may have difficulty getting out of their sitting positions. For those who are not after comfort, the distance the toilet sits from the bathroom wall is vital.

Pressure vs. Gravity Assisted

It pays to consider whether a toilet is a pressure or gravity assisted. Pressure-aided toilets utilize the force of natural water for a more robust flush. It leaves the toilet bowl very clean. Other factors that go with pressure include the position of the toilet relative to the water source and wall composition among other factors.

Dual Flush and Water Saving Toilets

Lately, the maximum amount of water a toilet should consume when flushing is about 1.6 gallons. The volume is lower compared to the toilets used some years ago. Some modern toilets are specially designed to minimize water use. Dual flush toilets use large water volumes depending on your needs. You can set it to use standard or even less water.

Integrated vs. Concealed Base Toilet

toiletThe type of base used affects both maintenance and style. A toilet with a concealed base with many crannies and corners tend to attract mold, dirt, and soil making it hard to clean. Such toilets are affordable and are ideal for those who don’t mind doing regular cleaning and upkeep. Toilets with integrated and seamless bases are easier to clean and maintain by just wiping down. They are often preferred for use in contemporary bathrooms due to their ultramodern looks.

Buying a toilet can seem a simple task, but there is a couple of factors to consider. The seating height, water saving, pressure or gravity assisted or one or two-piece are some of the elements to keep in mind.