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Every kind of involvement is welcome
AppelsiinihyppyThe success behind Fairtrade is the people who support it – by buying the products and spreading the word. By challenging others you will multiply your own effort!

There are many easy and fun ways of promoting Fairtrade -giving feedback to your local supermarket, buying Fairtrade gifts or challenging your workplace to use Fairtrade products. Find more ideas for action on this page!

Challenge your city!
CityA great amount of tax payers money is used for public purchases. The Fairtrade city concept has been developed to encourage cities and towns to start preferring Fairtrade products in their purchases. There are already thousands of Fairtrade cities around Europe . Fairtrade city campaigns are going on all around Europe: the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland…

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Bring Fairtrade to your school
Children and the youth are the decision-makers of tomorrow. This is why it is fundamental to deal the issues of Fairtrade at schools.

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Shop hopping
FT tasting

By bying Fairtrade products you support farmers in developing countries through your daily consuming choices.

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Fairtrade products should be made available for university students and staff. Campus restaurants and shops are a good venue to make the Fairtrade system and the products known.

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Convert your church!
All over the world thousands of churches and religious groups have decided to choose Fairtrade. Read more about Fairtrade churches and synagogues:

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Educate yourself
Get to know Fairtrade principles even better through good literature and movies . Why not start a study circle with your friends and brush up your arguments for Fairtrade? Here are some ideas, send us your own tip at