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What is Fairtrade Action Network?
Fairtrade Action Network is an emerging European-wide network for volunteers who are interested in promoting Fairtrade. We are hoping to create a community, operating mainly in the web, to share ideas and experiences on Fairtrade campaigning.
Who is Fairtrade Action Network for?

Fairtrade Action Network attempts to network European Fairtrade enthusiasts who work for this cause in various ways: whether campaigning for Fairtrade City status, doing product tastings in supermarkets, challenging their friends to buy Fairtrade, giving out lectures about the issue in schools..every kind of involvement is welcome!
How does Fairtrade Action Network work?
Fairtrade Action Network is an active online community
The network has an European-wide e-mail list: http://www.repu.fi/mailman/listinfo/fairtrade-volunteers
Fairtrade Action Network is initiated by Pro Fair Trade Finland, a volunteer organization working closely with the Finnish Fairtrade Labelling Initiative.
Fairtrade Action Network gives you a chance to:

learn and discuss the Fairtrade system and its current developments
exchange and get ideas and experiences on campaigns
exchange action tips and educational materials from volunteer to volunteer.
Isn’t there already such activities?
Since now there has been no international umbrella organization or network for volunteers interested in promoting Fairtrade. The organizing is done more on a national level. We believe that there is a need to strengthen the ties between people volunteering for Fairtrade. Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International focuses on their activities on the product licencing and producer relations, but not for grassroots mobilizing. That is one reason we wanted to create this network. We are attempting to initiate something related than United Students for Fair Trade in the United States. (www.usft.org)

We hope to get your feedback and comments on the site. Please contact us at saara@repu.fi
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